GDPR General Awareness Training (Single Seat)


A GDPR General Awareness Training course that will help you to fulfil your compliance obligations for training under the GDPR, in Ireland.



Master the ins and outs of GDPR compliance and protect your organisation from hefty fines and reputational damage. This user-friendly, online course empowers you to understand your obligations and navigate the world of data protection with ease. Learn at your own pace, revisit modules as needed, and become a GDPR champion!

In this course, you’ll explore:

  • GDPR Demystified: Gain a clear understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Know Your Responsibilities: Discover your organisation’s role in protecting data subjects’ privacy.
  • Unlocking Opportunities: Explore the benefits of robust data protection practices.
  • Handling Access Requests: Learn how to effectively manage data subject access requests.
  • Data Powerhouse: Craft comprehensive data processing policies and procedures.
  • Privacy Champion: Become an advocate for strong data protection principles within your organisation.

This course is ideal for:

  • Employees with no prior GDPR knowledge.
  • Business owners who want to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Anyone who handles personal data in the workplace.

Enrol now and:

  • Gain GDPR fluency: Speak confidently about data protection regulations.
  • Minimise compliance risks: Reduce the chances of costly fines and data breaches.
  • Build trust with clients: Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy.

Empower yourself and your organisation with the knowledge to thrive in the GDPR era. Enrol today!

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